In the course of all meditation I watch, that is never there.

I think of the north: I think of the south.

I find you without we, at the centre of unknown- a metaphor unbecoming.

Is it my secularism that breaks uneven, or is it the tradition of male born of female?

In tenderness I despise your nothing. Touch the blades of the river far away swimming, limb by limb, standing still on the bank, carrying the taste of you.

At once, in a leftward leap, I will swallow the strength, and become everything.


(December 03, 2010)



Curls on your heart sides disappearing
in trembling ribs of clues,
yellow, burning
on definite turns and dates
I take sides of farthest returning
before mystery is not faces
far away from you, and curving.

In intentionality of careful conversation
I brought early images tonight:
Of Augusts, and composition
of instances in night-light ―
arms on a lean thought, a compensation.

In parallel life living
clad in odors I soak,
stoke lightning
on a possessed silent blink,
stranded on silhouettes, resembling,
the rumpled edges of a beck,
I draft addresses, growing

on you.


On a reasonable circumstance,
Waking plucked
Behind a familiar shape
Lying bare feet
Along unfamiliar edges,
On assumptions relationships seethe;

On impermanent birth certificates
Names are not given,
So, I can not include arrangements.
Old sheets are older
Than panic of skin,
Bones have a way of piercing.

Seeing a friend in full
Like reading a reluctant poem:
An instant elegy for luxury
Of words and burden;
A transient innocence
On a silvered movement of gaze.

from Parting, an unfinished escape

How one decides in life I do not know, I am still unaware of that rudeness. How come I can not feel your pain? What should I do? What can I do? These are the questions I am asking, being not there.

I am disgraced for ever. When the innocent beauty of you is suffering, seems I have become a deaf old bat, my sucking-from-wall face growling in shameless pain. A helpless last giant leap of life vanishes every ownership, an immense brim of a jolt claimed togetherness, for ever.

(aug 4, 2009)